Monday, 26 December 2011

Welcome to Tenterfield in HO Scale

Tenterfield in HO scale has been developing since January 1991. On a return trip from Sydney the opportunity was finally taken to call at the then recently closed Tenterfield station. It seemed to tick all the boxes; NSW prototype, a decent yard for shunting, a loco depot, a road bridge at each end to act as scenery dividers and through traffic to an interstate change of gauge terminus that would allow whatever traffic I desire!
Twenty years on, the family has been educated and a change of house has allowed building to proceed. My aim has been to re-create Tenterfield yard and some of the other main railway features in the surrounding area. This includes the Tenterfield stock yards, the Bluff River Bridge, the old New England highway overpass between Bluff Rock and the Bluff River Bridge and possibly the Tenterfield Meatworks. Operation will focus on steam and steam / diesel transition periods. Perhaps that indicates the fact I’m a late baby boomer!!
The track is a combination of hand laid and propriety code 70 with the majority of the points being hand made using a “Fast Tracks” jig. Track work is 70% complete with the remainder planned to be completed by the first ¼ of 2012.
Any steam era photos or information of the Tenterfield railway environment would be greatly appreciated!
Stay tuned for progress and I look forward to receiving your feedback


  1. Hi Bill good to see you have taken the plunge with a blog of your model of Tenterfield.
    cheers Peter

  2. Bill, great to see the blog started. It'll be a while till the next visit so this'll keep us up to date! How's the extension going? and the backdrop painting?
    Happy New Year too! Geoff.

  3. Great to see you are up and running. I look forward to seeing some past shots of your progress to bring everyone up to speed with your progress. I like your format so have some fun with your space and enjoy. Happy 2012. Darren