Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Layout Construction Update

Welcome to 2012!

So far the year has started well; family and friends around, plenty of cold beer, warm weather, cricket on the big screen and some quality time in the train room.

Tenterfield yard looking south

Have managed to complete the final section of benchwork which will change Tenterfield from an end to end layout to one that will allow continuous running. This should allow me to warm up all those decoder fitted locos before programming them as recommended in the documentation!

Last Friday night was spent drawing the track plan for the final section onto cardboard which had been placed on top of the newly completed bench work. This allowed me to work out where the risers are to be installed.

The final extension with the sprial
and the south end of
Tenterfield in the background

Australia Day is a club running day and there are family duties at the Gold Coast this coming weekend so the manufacture and install of the risers may be a week or two off yet!

 I've included some photos of Tenterfield yard, the stock sidings and a couple of the final section of bench work. The straight frame section lying across the bench work will sit in it's current position but another 400mm higher and on a 1 in 50 grade. This will be between Bungulla and Bluff Rock.

Tenterfield stock yard siding looking
north towards Wallangarra
I'm consulting with the IT gurus in the family to produce a layout diagram of the Tenterfield I'm creating, hopefully in a post or two. The assistance of a consultant should ensure that it doesn't require the services of Mr Squiggle for an interpretation!

Until then enjoy Australia Day and your trains.